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be love, right now.

our kitchen is open, our dining room is closed, and the variety store has launched.

our chef and bartender have curated a takeout menu focused more than ever on local, organic, sustainable offerings. Order in person, online, or over the phone. The Fort Common is open for seating if you so desire.

The Variety Store is finally here. Chef-made groceries including condiments, sauces, ferments, pickles, provisions, stocks, soups, breads & cakes. People want to know what the secret to our food is. There isn’t a secret, simply dedicate your life to making things delicious and interesting, work in 24 kitchens across 3 continents, and have talent and passion. Or if it’s easier, you can shop at The Variety Store and take it all home with you.

Sadly, we can’t have you in, but we’re here to help you find the best natural wine, cider, and beer at the fairest of fair prices. We’d rather be shaking, stirring and pouring, but for now we’re selecting, batching, and brown-paper bagging. We, like you, have had some extra time of late for wine tasting. We’ve even worked through a few cases of each wine to guarantee quality. The Joue Red Field Blend, Neon Eon Horizon & Sperling Speritz Pet Nat are our social distancing saviours, and now we can share them by the bottle with you!

We use at least 95 percent organic plant-based ingredients, mindfully-sourced according to local and seasonal availability. Everything we serve is wheat, gluten, dairy and processed sugar free.

Eat well, Be Love

Eat Love, Be well


Tuesday to Friday: 12:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Saturday: 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

1019 Blanshard St. Victoria, BC

Phone: (778) 433-7181

Email: hello@beloverestaurant.ca

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